Sunday, February 9, 2020

Portfolio 2500 words Gymnastics-outdoor activities-Dance Essay

Portfolio 2500 words Gymnastics-outdoor activities-Dance - Essay Example This was a challenge for me, as it took both thought and action. But once I honed in on a plan, I was able to successfully and consistently do a cartwheel. I even had to make the cartwheel more difficult, by incorporating it into a routine and also training on a variety of terrains. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities embodies and expands upon my cartwheel example by using physical activity to promote learning, health, and a positive self-image. There are a variety of other resources that use dance to promote education, like a professional dance team, the American Dance Therapy Association, and the Interdisciplinary Learning Through Dance curriculum. Performing a cartwheel requires a certain level of strength, dexterity, and skill. It is seen as a basic tenant of gymnastics, the foundation for more complicated moves. Given the proper training, I think most people could perform a cartwheel. But receiving proper training is not always easy. The technique involved in performing a cartwhe el is not all obvious, so for a first timer it is often necessary to be under some instruction. Even for people who are able to do a cartwheel, being trained by someone more skilled can improve their form. Of course, not every can have a trainer at all times, so often we must depend on the information we can find ourselves to aid our cause. I wanted to look into a variety of ways to do cartwheels, so I found three different learning methods and tested them out. The first method, found on, was somewhat vague. The sum of the instructional part is, â€Å"stand in a lunge, knee bent slightly, arms up by your ears†¦reach forward with your right arm, kicking your left leg up†¦ the left hand should follow†¦ as it touches the ground, your right let should be off the ground also.† While there were some additional tips, the article concluded by saying the best way was to go to a gym and get professional help. While it seemed simple enough, I wasnâ €™t able to do a cartwheel with this resource’s instructions alone. This article lacked depth, and seemed more of a definition of a cartwheel than an explanation of how to do one. The next article I found on the subject, on the Robbins Sports Blog, was much more helpful. Rather than just explain doing a cartwheel as the limb movements, this article touched on the subtleties that make a cartwheel work. It establishes the lead foot and starting positioning, then tells you to â€Å"put your weight on your back foot and point your toes on your lead food. Rock back on your back leg; then lunge forward into your front foot. Your front leg will bend, but your body should form a straight line with your back leg, body, and arms.† I found this to be a much more descriptive instructional segment for the beginning of the cartwheel. The article then explains the continuation of process, including bringing your arms to the ground, turning your body, placing your hands on the gro und, and then pushing with your back leg to bring your body airborne. It even adds that a clean cartwheel should end with the body in the mirror image of the starting position. Even with the main description of the cartwheel explained, from starting position to what you should end up like, the article included additional tips. It suggested drawing a line on the ground to ensure you move in a straight line. It also added â€Å"your arms and legs should be completely extended.† One piece of additional advice I found especially

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